The Electronics Lab and Machine Shop

is an electronics fabrication facility for automation design, control and
    Test equipment required for any analog or digital application is
available. Spectrum, Network, and Impedance analysers on a GPIB to 
USB bus can be controlled from a pc, most commonly thru Labview interfaces.
A logic analyser and digital oscilliscope are also on this bus.
    Orcad schematic design and pc board layout tools are used. Most of
the rf circuits needed can be approximated using spice simulations.
    A large stock of rf devices, prototype components, and light fabrication 
materials are located here. Some applications require highly nonmagnetic
components, connections, and shielding.

    Accompanying the above facility is a machine shop. It is equipped with 
standard machining tools, stock, and hardware. Welding and aluminum anodization 
are available.


  The following are from left to right (1) Video and EEG filters mounted on the penetration panel
of a shielded MRI site. (2) A fixture to mount pumps adjacent to a magnet. (3) A headholding device.
(4) A custom phantom mounted on a positioning device. (5) A foot transducer used for metabolic
spectroscopic studies.

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